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Obituary of Pavel Vilikovský

Obituary of Pavel Vilikovský 13. 02. 2020 | 16:08

He was not only a Slovak but an international author. It's because he wrote about universal matters in very distinctive narrative voices with huge empathy, wisdom and humor.

Sviňa is scumbag

Sviňa is scumbag 13. 02. 2020 | 16:04

Shortly ahead of the infamous anniversary of murder of an investigative journalist and his fiancée, a new Slovak feature film was released to cinemas across the country.

Surrealist “cooking” in Bratislava

Surrealist “cooking” in Bratislava 24. 01. 2020 | 16:07

How can surrealist culinary ideas cross the borders of several countries to finally become an artwork? The recipe is simple: you need three artists, one great idea and a handful of people open to the e ...

Work in progress in Slovak National Gallery

Work in progress in Slovak National Gallery 23. 01. 2020 | 10:05

Glassmaker, painter, photographer, performer and video-artist. That's how the Slovak National Gallery defines significant Slovak queer artist Anna Daučíková.

Bach comes to Bratislava

Bach comes to Bratislava 23. 01. 2020 | 10:02

On 31st January the winter edition of the Convergence music festival starts, focused on all-time music prodigy Johan Sebastian Bach. Brandenburg Concertos, Goldberg variations, cantatas and suites will ...

Register your town

Register your town 23. 01. 2020 | 10:01

A Slovak town will be one of the European Capitals of Culture in the year 2026, with its twin city appointed in Finland. Culture Minister Lubica Lassakova and Vice Premier Richard Rasi have recently ad ...

Slovak feature film at 70th Berlinale

Slovak feature film at 70th Berlinale 23. 01. 2020 | 10:00

The Slovak film Servants will be premiered at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival as part of the new competition section Encounters. The new section is expected to enrich the official programme ...

US DJ playing Slovak singer in Seattle

US DJ playing Slovak singer in Seattle 17. 01. 2020 | 15:37

Katarina Malikova entered the Slovak music scene in 2016 becoming immediately a super star of alternative music. It was not only back then but also in 2019 that singles from her album made it to the pl ...

Top 10 SK albums of 2019

Top 10 SK albums of 2019 17. 01. 2020 | 15:35

Katarina Malikova, Lyrik H, Korben Dalas, Vec, Longital, The Ills, Blanch, Hey Emil, Gleb and Milan André have made it to the 2019 top ten chart prepared by music editors of the public Radio FM.

Judith Hermann first time in Slovakia

Judith Hermann first time in Slovakia 17. 01. 2020 | 15:30

Judith Hermann is a German author whose star started rising in the 1990s. Her short stories did not reflect on the trauma of WWII, but depicted in a delicate way the interactions of ordinary people.

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