Radio_Head Awards 2016


Radio_Head Awards 2016

17. 03. 2017 10:39

The Radio_Head Awards reflect the tastes of listeners of Radio_FM, a public broadcast station focused on more alternative music production, and not only for the young audiences. Since 2008, listeners and critics have enjoyed the chance to cast their ballots in favour of their preferred Slovak singer, band or DJ and vote for the creme de la creme of local music production which is not as present in the commercial stations. Radio FM has been joined by Radio Devin, the Slovak version of BBC 4, i.e. broadcasts focused mainly on culture. The statues of a masculine male with a radio instead of his head are not only the symbol of the public broadcaster itself, but also of the public broadcaster caring for the quality of listeners' and critics' tastes. Radio Slovakia International brings you a brief medley of some of the winners.

Radio_Head Awards 2016
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Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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