Agnieszka Holland at Febiofest 2017


Agnieszka Holland at Febiofest 2017

17. 03. 2017 10:49

The international film festival Febiofest was founded by Slovak-born Czech director Fero Fenič 24 years ago. During the years, it was gradually split in to two independent events held in March - one in Prague, one in Bratislava. The Slovak version of Febiofest is focused on films screened in niche independent cinemas. This year, the festival closed March 8 with an award ceremony. And although the Grand Prix was handed over to young Slovak director Barbora Sliepkova for her poetic documentary portrait of her sister entitled Sliepka or Hen, we will be now speaking to the director of the feature film that closed Febiofest in Slovakia.

Agnieszka Holland in Bratislava
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Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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