Can art change the world?


Can art change the world?

29. 12. 2017 15:36

2017 has been the first year of Donald Trump's US presidency, the year of Brexit talks in the EU and the regional elections in Slovakia. In our Thursday shows, we dedicated the whole year to cultural events happening in the country, to award-winning Slovak projects of worldwide repute, as well as to personalities representing Slovak culture abroad or bringing the world-class features to Slovakia. As early as in January, RSI was speaking to a Slovak who was one of female artists displaying their artistic reactions to Donald Trump at their Uprise/Angry women exhibition in New York. This interview with Daniela Raytchev raised the question: can art change the people's mindsets? This moment triggered a series of answers by many different personalities in the world of culture visiting or working in Slovakia throughout this year to only one question.

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Martina Šimkovičová Foto: TASR

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