Martina Kušnírová in absentia


Martina Kušnírová in absentia

17. 04. 2019 12:16

All Slovak media reported on the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kusnirova and have continuously brought updates on the case, thus revealing the journalistic work of Jan Kuciak to be its motive. The Slovak public has learnt a lot about the cases covered by the journalist. Regarding Martina Kusnirova, we learnt she was an archaeologist, and got news about their planned wedding and her being buried in her wedding dress. The lesser attention paid to her has been counterbalanced by the major media presence of her Mum, Zlatica Kusnirova, who is usually the one informing the public of serious findings by investigators. Artists pay tribute to the couple and focus on criticizing those responsible for this tragedy and the state of Slovak society.

Amidst the array of exhibitions, concerts, drama performances and memorials being erected, an artwork entitled In Absentia stands out. Visual artist Maroš Rovňák performed it along with actress and singer Petra Kriváčková as a work in progress project at the New Poetry Forms festival in November 2018 in Kosice, eastern Slovakia. He premiered the final version of this artwork in Prague in March 2019.

In Absentia in Prague
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Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: Kulturne Kosice/Youtube

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