Paying tribute to parents of „Winton children“


Paying tribute to parents of „Winton children“

26. 07. 2019 10:51

The last transport of mainly Jewish children from Prague to Great Britain took place 80 years ago, 31st July 1939. Known as Winton trains, almost 670 children were rescued shortly ahead of the outbreak of WWII. Many of them never met their birth families again. Sir Nicholas Winton who organized the placement of Czech and Slovak children in Britain used to say he was not the only one who helped. The latest documentary "Hands on glass" pay tribute to parents trying to safe lives of their children as well as the network of British volunteers involved in this refugee rescue operation. The film was shot by a Slovak director and premiered in June at the Czech Embassy in London.

Hands on glass in London
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Martina Šimkovičová Foto: MZVaEZ

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