The day when terrorism became a thing


The day when terrorism became a thing

13. 09. 2017 14:56

In this special segment we will touch a bit on the recent anniversaries of two attacks which shook the global perspective on international terrorism. Before 9/11, there was 9/5 or September 5, 1972, the day when the so called Munich Massacre took place. For many, it is regarded as the 9/11 of the Cold War Era. Zuzana Botiková spoke about the events at 1972 Munich Olympics, with Katarína Ráczová, former Czechoslovak Olympian, who on 5th September 1972 was at the Olympic site.

However, security is no longer a concern just for the sport movement; it has become an issue in everyday life. What was the terrorist situation like in Czechoslovakia back in the 1970s? One of Slovakia's few experts on international terrorism, Daniela Richterová, has been looking more into the matter.

The day when terrorism became a thing
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Zuzana Botiková, Photo: Public Domain

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