Remember November tour walk


Remember November tour walk

24. 11. 2014 15:44

Documentary photos from the 1989 Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia show people in the streets of big cities, gathered in front of various landmarks. Most of these landmarks still stand in the same places; however, the historic conditions have changed and it might be difficult to imagine how their setting looked some years ago.

People from the Bratislava based NGO Milan Šimečka Foundation know how important it is to keep the memory alive, especially if it concerns the fall of a totalitarian regime. They will now take us on a tour walk around the most iconic places that were connected with the revolutionary events in the Slovak capital, Bratislava.


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You can also follow the route yourself. Each point of interest is marked on the map shown below. Illustration pictures are provided as well.



1. The building of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts – UMELKA


2. The Slovak ministry of Agriculture, former building of Education ministry



3. Comenius University Main Hall



4. Candle manifestation memorial

november 1989 nezna revolucia


5. Hviezdoslavovo square



6. Mozart’s house on Ventúrska street, former Jiráskova street



7. The Slovak National Uprising square

november 1989 nezna revolucia
Zuzana Botíková, Photo: TASR

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