Icons of Slovakia - Seventh round


Icons of Slovakia - Seventh round

05. 09. 2016 14:58

After the summer break we are back with Radio Slovakia International's competition "Icons of Slovakia". It focuses on everything that represents Slovakia. There are interesting Slovak prizes to be won, so get your pen and paper ready to note down the correct answer to the question which you will hear sometime in the next couple of minutes. In this 7th round round we will travel back in time and meet the Moravian Venus. Here we go!

Moravian Venus
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And now if you paid close attention, you shouldn't have any problems answering the competition question:

From which material is the Moravian Venus made of?



c)mammoth ivory

You can email your answers to englishsection@slovakradio.sk or via regular post to:

Radio Slovakia International

English Section

Mytna 1, P.O. BOX 55

Bratislava 817 55


The deadline for sending your answers is September 26th.

Anca Dragu, Photo: Moravany.sk

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