Icons of Slovakia – Eighth round


Icons of Slovakia – Eighth round

04. 10. 2016 15:48

Welcome to the eighth round of our competition series called "Icons of Slovakia". In this series we're focusing on everything representing Slovakia, from musical instruments to mountains and well-known athletes. There are interesting Slovak prizes to be won, so get ready to listen!

Today's episode focuses on a little-known icon of Slovakia, but one that's only found in our country. It's a flowering plant called Lykovec muránsky. Why is it not found anywhere else in the world? Listen to the competition to find out! Then, if you correctly answer the competition question, you'll have the chance to win cool Slovak prizes.

Icons of Slovakia - Round 8
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To enter the competition, simply answer the competition question:

When does lykovec muránsky bloom?

A: Early summer

B: Early spring

C: Late summer

You can email your answer to englishsection@slovakradio.sk or send it via regular mail to:

Radio and Television Slovakia,

Radio Slovakia International,

English broadcast section,

Mlynská dolina,

84545 Bratislava,


Make sure to send in your answer by the 31st of October to be in to win. We'll be picking a winner on the 6th of November, so good luck!

Gavin Shoebridge, Photo: Flickr.com/Peganum

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