My Slovakia – Fifth round


My Slovakia – Fifth round

10. 05. 2017 10:44

Looking at statistics, a sizeable number of people have left Slovakia. The country has seen nurses and teachers on strike and there have been ongoing anti-corruption protests over the past year, however, the latest one was unique; it was organized by high school students who declared that they wanted to live here. Young people stepping into public life in this way is something Slovakia has not seen for a long time. Therefore, in this competition, we asked some young people how they feel here.

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The competition question of this round is:

What percentage of Slovak university graduates left between 2010 and 2013?

You can email your answer to or via regular post to:

Radio Slovakia International

Mytna 1,

BOX 55,

Bratislava 817 55,


Send in your answer before May 31 to be in to win. The winner of this round will be announced on Sunday, the 4th of June.

Good luck!

Mojmir Prochazka, Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Maarten Visser

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