The World in Slovakia - Third round


The World in Slovakia - Third round

06. 03. 2018 15:34

Welcome to the third round of our competition cycle called "The World in Slovakia". In this series we're travelling to globally-known places without actually leaving this country in the heart of Europe. Moreover, there are interesting Slovak prizes to be won, so get ready to listen & win! In this third episode we'll be taking you to Korea.

The World in Slovakia - Round 3
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If you have been listening carefully, it shouldn't be difficult to send us the correct answer to the following question:

When was the wetland Korea, which lies close to the city of Zvolen, created?

Send in your answers by March 31, to the email address or via regular post to:

RTVS, Rádio Slovakia International, English section, Mlynská dolina, P.O.Box 55, 845 45 Bratislava, Slovakia.

The authors of the report Zuzana Botiková and Martina Šimkovičová look forward to your answers as well as the next world destinations in Slovakia.

Good luck!

Zuzana Botiková, Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: RSI

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