“Don’t forget about ordinary voters”

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“Don’t forget about ordinary voters”

26. 09. 2017 09:40

In the past two weeks Slovaks have seen a series of loud pro-European statements coming from new political movements in Slovakia. A group of independent MPs who plan to register a new party Together- Civil Democracy issued a statement on how Slovakia has to be an active player in the European Union and this was the first set of ideas as coming from the programme of the new party. Then last Monday the New Central Europe Initiative was launched in Bratislava with the goal of "fighting for a different Central Europe that recognises its European identity and values and is determined to take the lead in rebuilding the European project". The signatories are the political movements NEOS from Austria, Nowoczesna from Poland, Momentum from Hungary, and Progressive Slovakia. "Central Europe needs a new vision for its future in Europe. Following decades of crisis the EU is now heading for a change and a renaissance, but Central Europe remains imprisoned between provinciality and stagnation," reads a statement by the New Central Europe initiative. Anca Dragu asked Karen Henderson, a political analyst from the Institute of European Studies and International Relations at Comenius University in Bratislava, how does she explain that new Slovak parties focus so much on the European Union in their early stages?

Karen Henderson on pro-EU alliances
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Anca Dragu, Photo: Anca Dragu

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