Regional economic gap still a hot issue in Slovakia

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Regional economic gap still a hot issue in Slovakia

31. 10. 2017 11:14

In July 1996 Slovakia was divided in eight regions which five years later received the official name "higher territorial units" or VUC in Slovak. They do not respect the borders of historical regions but have some degree of autonomy. For example they manage regional roads, primary and secondary schools, retirement homes, smaller hospitals, give license to private medical practices and pharmacies and support cultural events. Each region has a head, called župan in Slovak and a council, both elected directly by those who have their address officially registered in that particular region. On Saturday, November 4th voters will choose who leads their region for the next four years. Foreigners with permanent residency in Slovakia can take part in this election too. Anca Dragu has discussed the state of regional policy in Slovakia with Rudolf Pástor, Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Administration and Regional Development at the Economics University in Bratislava.

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