Ending coal age in Slovakia?

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Ending coal age in Slovakia?

05. 12. 2018 14:49

"Not all the coal that is dug warms the world," is a quote ascribed to Mary Harris Jones, an Irish-born American educator, dressmaker as well as social activist. These past days in Slovakia, it has been the story of environmental activists and their protests against coal mining that has dominated the public debate.

Close the mines, not the activists, was one of the slogans people shouted out in support of the twelve Greenpeace activists who were detained and put into custody following their protest against coal mining in Slovakia. After seven days, they were released from the prison, but not from the charges against them. Was the whole judicial action against such protest unprecedented?

Greenpeace activists in prison
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Climate change is also one of the key terms being discussed these days, with the coal mining industry being one of the well-known contributors to this world wide problem. In the following feature, we will look closer at the situation with the coal mining industry in Slovakia as well as at its possible transformation.

Coal mining industry
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Zuzana Botiková, Photo: Tomáš Halász/Vladimir Benko/Greenpeace

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