Wood fuel, diesel vehicles behind Slovakia’s air pollution woes


Wood fuel, diesel vehicles behind Slovakia’s air pollution woes

31. 05. 2017 14:00

Slovakia's air is over-polluted from the point of view of the European Union. "Slovakia has high levels of particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5 in the European comparison, which have a major negative impact on human health. Within the EU, we have the third highest proportion of the population exposed to excessive PM2.5 concentrations, which is shrinking at half the pace of the European average," notes the interim review report. Approximately 80 percent of households, businesses and institutions are behind these solid pollutants. "The main causes are a high share of solid fuels, including biomass in households, and the use of lower quality passenger combustion engines in passenger transport," added the report. The highest number of solid-fuel burning households are located in the Rimavská Sobota, Čadca and Tvrdošín districts. Since 2010, €293 million, most from EU funds, has been invested into improving air quality with no direct result, claim analysts. As of the end of June, new measures should be proposed to make more efficient use of the money.

Gavin Shoebridge, Photo: SITA

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