Failed saving plans in health care


Failed saving plans in health care

30. 04. 2018 14:28

Last year, less money was saved in the health care system than planned, wrote the TASR press agency, citing the report by the Value for Money project, operated by the Finance Ministry. In 2017, €80 million was saved, which is less than a half of the expected goal, which was at the level of €174 million. According to the report, most money was saved in drug overconsumption (€22 million). The government's analysts pointed to the fact that the money saved was supposed to be used for inpatient facilities, however, only €13 million was invested in this field. Most of the money saved was used to decrease the debt of the state health insurance company from 2017, reads the report.

Mojmír Procházka Foto: TASR

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