Slovak National Party to go alone in 2017 regional elections


Slovak National Party to go alone in 2017 regional elections

04. 10. 2016 15:05

The governing Slovak National Party (SNS) considers running alone in the 2017 regional elections without cooperation with any other political party, according to its press secretary Zuzana Kohútková quoted by the TASR press agency. The party wants to test its candidates for positions as regional councillors and says it has widely developed structures in regions across Slovakia and more than 6,900 members, "which is a sufficiently large base of high-quality candidates who will defend the interests of citizens at the regional level in a dignified manner". Moreover, the Slovak National Party doesn't intend to support drafted changes to the law on regional elections, according to which the two-round regional elections would become only one-round elections. "The second round allows space for a natural connection of standard political parties to support candidates who would stand as a counterweight to parties pursuing racist or xenophobic policies," stated the party representative, alluding to the chair of far-right People's Party Our Slovakia, Marian Kotleba, who won the 2013 regional elections in the Banská Bystrica region.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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