Survey: 60 percent of seniors at risk of poverty


Survey: 60 percent of seniors at risk of poverty

16. 11. 2016 14:01

60 percent of Slovakia's senior citizens are at risk of poverty and approximately 30 percent do not have enough money for their basic needs. These figures stem from a survey of more than 800 elderly respondents aged over 70, conducted by the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights (SNCHR) and the Forum to Help the Aged. The survey focused primarily on the problems faced by older people and their living conditions. According to Marián Mesároš, Director of The Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, this research draws unflattering attention to the daily situations faced by senior citizens, who make up about one third of the Slovak population. He feels the results should lead to a professional discussion and even a change in legislation that would see such issues which affect Slovakia's elderly effectively addressed. "Seniors need to be integrated into society," stated Mesároš, adding that as the Slovak population continues to age, the quality of life of pensioners decreases. The research demonstrated that 50 percent of all pensioners have pensions of up to €400 per month, but for 60 percent of them, this amount proves insufficient for bills, food and medicine. The research revealed that almost one in seven Slovak seniors need to borrow money from friends and family to survive.

Gavin Shoebridge, Photo: SITA

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