Cabinet okays constitutional bill to scrap Mečiar's amnesties


Cabinet okays constitutional bill to scrap Mečiar's amnesties

16. 03. 2017 14:52

An amendment to the Slovak Constitution and a constitutional proposal to revoke the so-called Vladimír Mečiar amnesties garnered the support of the Government on Wednesday, which also passed proposals for them to be deliberated by Parliament via a fast-track procedure. The new changes are designed to empower Parliament to veto controversial amnesties and pardons issued by a president in the event of that president's "individual failure". The decision of lawmakers must be affirmed within 60 days by the Constitutional Court. The opposition MP Ján Budaj, who initiated the scrapping of the Mečiar amnesties at the March sitting of the National Council, thinks that the government's proposal is too complicated - especially the role of the Constitutional Court, which according to Budaj, should not stand above the Constitution. Moreover, he pointed to the fact that coalition failed to take into consideration the fact that a president today can no longer stop a criminal prosecution by issuing an amnesty or pardon. Mečiar's amnesties relate both to the 1995 kidnapping of Michal Kováč Jr. and the murder in 1996 of Róbert Remiáš, who served as a contact for a key witness of the abduction.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: SITA

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