Parliament adopts resolution on easing debt brake


Parliament adopts resolution on easing debt brake

12. 09. 2017 14:34

The Slovak Parliament has adopted a resolution on easing the state's debt brake in order to facilitate the construction of road and rail infrastructure. The so-called debt brake, introduced in 2012, aims at preventing the increase of Slovakia´s debt to critical levels through sanctions and correction mechanisms. Its upper limit is currently at 50% of GDP. The resolution adopted by Parliament on Monday obliges the Finance and Transport and Construction Ministry respectively to prepare all the necessary documents to relieve the debt brake for the parliamentary finance committee. The committee should subsequently present to the plenum an amendment to change the existing constitutional law on the debt brake. However, at least 90 votes will be needed to change the existing law, so the Government will also need some votes from the Opposition, which disagrees with the move.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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