Slovakia deemed safe for American tourists


Slovakia deemed safe for American tourists

11. 01. 2018 15:10

The US Department of State on Wednesday updated its recommendations and travel warnings for individual countries, with Slovakia being classified as safe, with Americans being advised to simply take regular caution when visiting this country. The US Bureau of Consular Affairs updated its travel advisories to make them clearer. Until now, warnings were given against current or long-term threats and risks in individual countries, such as outbreaks of disease, mass protests or political instability. Now, countries are divided into four levels of safety, with Slovakia being in the first category. This category also includes Australia, Canada, Austria and the Czech Republic. Some European countries, however, find themselves in the second category with a heightened risk of terrorist attacks, with the US Bureau recommending increased caution in these higher-risk locations. These include, for example, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Gavin Shoebridge, Photo: TASR

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