Checking EU-fund absorption at all ministries


Checking EU-fund absorption at all ministries

13. 02. 2018 15:09

The Office of the Vice-premier for Investments and Informatisation along with the Government Office's corruption prevention department is set to check how processes related to the absorption of EU funds work at individual ministries. Prime Minister Robert Fico, Vice-premier Peter Pellegrini and prevention department director Peter Kovarik informed at a press conference on Monday. 38 measures under the first supra-ministerial project have already been introduced drawn up in cooperation with non-profit organisations, the third sector, and with the Stop Corruption Foundation. "These measures should support more significantly the process of making entire processes within EU-fund absorption more transparent," stated Pellegrini. The Prime Minister Robert Fico added that the Slovak rules for the processes are three times more demanding and stringent than those used by Brussels. Pellegrini said that at present there is such a complicated system in Slovakia in the area of EU-fund absorption that it's almost impossible to implement something within two years. "Such a complicated scheme, I think, creates considerably more opportunities for someone to behave corruptly or non-transparently than when we simplify these processes," said the deputy prime minister.

Ina Sečíková, Photo: TASR

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