June Elections Poll: Smer-SD would have won


June Elections Poll: Smer-SD would have won

14. 06. 2018 15:14

Had a general election been held at the beginning of June, the ruling party Smer-SD would have garnered 21.7 of the public vote. A recent public opinion poll showed that the party would have won 39 seats in Parliament. The survey was conducted by the FOCUS agency at the beginning of June on a representative sample comprised of 1,015 respondents. Personal interviews with them showed further that the strongest opposition party Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) would have ended up in second place with 12.4 percent of the vote and 22 parliamentary seats, together with another Opposition party Ordinary People (OLaNO) behind them with 18 MPs and 10 percent of the vote. The Slovak National Party (SNS) would have finished in fourth place, with 18 parliamentary mandates representing 9.8 percent of the vote. The far-right People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) would have ended up closely behind with 9.7 percent and 17 seats. We Are Family would have gained 8.1 percent of the vote in the survey, which equals to 14 seats. The last political party to reach the minimum threshold required to enter Parliament would have been the current Slovak-Hungarian coalition member Most-Hid, securing ten seats with 5.6 percent. According to the survey, 16.8 percent of the respondents would not have cast their votes in the election, and 14.4 percent were undecided.

Elena Seeber, Foto: TASR

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