Police arrest 20 people over football match fixing


Police arrest 20 people over football match fixing

09. 07. 2018 16:22

The police announced that they had detained 20 people in a raid related to sports corruption in Banská Bystrica on Saturday, while charges were eventually pressed against 21 people. "The main referees, assistant referees and match delegates were allegedly promised bribes of €200-1,000 by officials of the football clubs in face-to-face meetings - and later actually received - to secure wins for designed teams," reported the police. The operation, carried out in cooperation with the Slovak Football Association (SFZ), concerned match fixing in competitions falling under the remit of the regional Central Slovak Football Association. If convicted, the referees and match delegates may spend up to ten years in prison, while the football club officials face up to five-year sentences.

Mojmír Procházka; Foto: TASR

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