Investigations going on


Investigations going on

09. 08. 2018 15:37

The Interior Ministry is assisting the German authorities in their investigation of the case of the kidnapped Vietnamese citizen. The Interior Minister Denisa Saková confirmed that information had been provided since last September, when Germany sent a request. The Minister of Justice Gábor Gál stressed the need to differentiate between Slovakia being involved in the abduction out of negligence or if there was somebody actively engaged in it. Slovak President Andrej Kiska stated on Monday that the Head of the Interior department Saková had lost his confidence, as she appears to be an obstacle in investigating Slovakia's possible involvement in the abduction. In reaction, Saková said she saw no reason to resign, as she has taken all the steps necessary for a proper investigation. Denisa Saková held a hearing concerning the kidnapped Vietnamese at the Parliament's Defence and Security Committee this Thursday.

Elena Seeber, Foto: TASR

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