First days of bike sharing in Bratislava show demand


First days of bike sharing in Bratislava show demand

11. 09. 2018 15:00

The newly unveiled bike sharing service in Bratislava seems to be much in demand, with 6,500 people registering themselves to the service since its launch on Friday (September 7) with each of them buying at least one programme, according to Bratislava City Council spokesperson Zuzana Onufer. Some 200 yellow bikes, out of 550 that are available within the service at the moment, were being ridden along the streets of the Slovak capital during the weekend. Users will be able to borrow them at 73 docking stations in four boroughs of Bratislava: Old Town, New Town, Ružinov and Petržalka. Meanwhile, some cases of intentional damage of, for example, bike pedals and tires, appeared as soon as the first days of the bike sharing services' functioning. The service operators reported on a social media platform that eight bikes have been damaged. However, their number could be even higher. Vandals mostly damaged bikes while they were docked in their stations.

Anca Dragu, Photo:

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