Moratorium for the municipal elections begins


Moratorium for the municipal elections begins

08. 11. 2018 15:10

On Thursday morning, at 7am, all candidates running in the municipal elections had to end their campaign. The moratorium will last until all the polling stations are closed on Saturday evening, November 10. This means that candidates are not allowed to hand out election leaflets or organise and attend political meetings. The ban also covers online campaigns, including those on social media.

In his speech on Wednesday, the Slovak president Andrej Kiska noted that the upcoming municipal elections would be unique as they are the first mayor public decision-making after the events that shook Slovak society. "We have the opportunity to say how we fancy a decent and honest Slovakia in a democratic and free society. This vision will be embodied in the election winners, in the people who will lead our cities and villages over the next four years," said the president. On Saturday, polling stations will open in around 3,000 Slovak towns and villages.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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