Almost 49% turnout in municipal elections


Almost 49% turnout in municipal elections

12. 11. 2018 15:31

On Saturday, 10 November, municipal elections took place in 2,919 towns and villages in Slovakia. The overall voter turnout in Slovakia was 48.6 %, with Prešov as the regional capital with the highest turnout of 43.2 % and Košice the lowest of 35.7 %. 43 localities across Slovakia have to repeat the elections, as they did not manage to elect a mayor or members of the local council. "From the police perspective, the election were held in a peaceful climate, with no grave violations of public order," stated Police Corps vice-president Robert Bozalka. The police are dealing with 127 criminal complaints related to the elections, which concerned mostly corruption, slander and damage of campaign billboards.

Out of the eight regional capitals, four will have new mayors. According to the Slovak president, Andrej Kiska, the results of the municipal elections showed that people in many regions of the country desire change. The president is glad to see new people entering politics; people, who "put an emphasis on solutions and cooperation". He expressed hope that the prevailing climate leaning towards change will show also in the upcoming elections.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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