Abrogation of academic titles to be amended


Abrogation of academic titles to be amended

10. 01. 2019 14:50

A governmental session was held on Wednesday with ministers approving amendments to several laws, including one allowing universities and higher education institutions to revoke academic titles they have awarded. This stems from the draft amendment to the Higher Education Act that the Cabinet approved on Wednesday. The draft amendment entrusts the decision to revoke the academic title into the hands of the awarding school on the basis of the principle "he who awards may revoke," with the school's rector acting on its behalf based on the proposal of an advisory commission. The government also approved an amendment to the Armed Forces Act. Individuals may now be fined up to €500 for unauthorised use of the military uniforms and identification symbols of the Slovak Armed Forces.

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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