Danko violated academic rules


Danko violated academic rules

11. 01. 2019 13:34

The Special Commission of the Matej Bel University (UMB) Academic Senate created to investigate suspicions of plagiarism in rigorous theses at the UMB gave a statement regarding the doctoral thesis of the parliamentary speaker Andrej Danko, among others. The commission chairman Vladimir Janis confirmed for the TASR press agency that the two doctoral theses reported in the media "contain parts that are slightly modified in comparison with the source literature, however, most of them also show a high degree of accordance with the source literature, while the division into chapters and subchapters of the original sources has been preserved in some places. Dennik N pointed at the fact that Andrej Danko had copied his doctoral thesis in September 2018. The Friday statement of the special commission at the UMB reads that: "Both rigorous theses do not use only a short part of the source in the form of a quotation, and the quotes that can be found in the works are not created correctly, even as paraphrases. In the case of both rigorous works, the scope of the use of the sources exceeds the scope justified by the purpose of the quotation - both authors take over entire paragraphs or chapters from the sources used, without quoting or at least paraphrasing them correctly," reads the statement. In line with its mandate, the commission dealt with rigorous theses and proceedings at the UMB from 1999 to 2010, with a special focus on cases largely covered by the media. "Based on the analysis of the selected sample we can state that in several cases we have identified shortcomings at the Faculty of Law at UMB that we consider to be violations of academic rules," added Janis.

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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