Parliament to vote on constitutional court judges


Parliament to vote on constitutional court judges

08. 02. 2019 14:20

On Friday, MPs continued their debate over the candidates for Constitutional Court judges. After Thursday's extraordinary speech by Slovak President Andrej Kiska on this election, coalition MPs expressed their critical stance towards it, while opposition MPs had a different opinion. SMER-SD MP Jan Podmanicky found the President's speech the weakest. According to him, the president is acting falsely, as he delayed the appointment of constitutional judges in the past. The leader of the largest opposition party Freedom and Solidarity Richard Sulik said that the very fact that Kiska came to speak to Parliament about this topic made it clear that it is extremely important for society. "I think he could have been even more specific; he could have clearly said that rogues did not belong in the Constitutional Court," he added. The non-affiliated MP Martin Poliacik noted that "if absolute confidence in the Constitutional Court as the last instance protecting constitutionality in Slovakia also declines, it could really mean what he said - that trust in democracy itself will fall."

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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