Enough signatures for no-confidence vote against Education Minister


Enough signatures for no-confidence vote against Education Minister

12. 02. 2019 14:05

The opposition has collected enough signatures from MPs to initiate an extraordinary parliamentary session with the purpose of passing a no-confidence motion against Education Minister Martina Lubyová (a Slovak National Party/SNS nominee). The motion has been triggered by problems in granting R&D stimuli. MP Veronika Remišová filed a criminal complaint over suspicions that subsidy fraud has been committed and that the powers of a public official had been abused in the case of R&D stimuli awards at the Education Ministry. Lubyová, however, thinks that the Opposition's only aim is a political theatre as it does not want to discuss the stimuli. The minister has stated that she is not planning to leave on her own. "Definitely not based on the fact that evaluators filled in some sheets wrongly. It's necessary to address the quality of the evaluators and the quality of assessment of scientific projects in Slovakia as such. We have a problem with the assessment. It might be connected to the fact that the evaluators are being attacked, politicised and criminalised, and this further discourages people from assessing projects," stated Lubyová.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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