Rejection of US military aid not final


Rejection of US military aid not final

14. 03. 2019 15:06

The decision to reject US financial aid for modernising Slovak military air bases is not final but rather just the view of Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš (Slovak National Party/SNS), Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini indicated on Wednesday. He said that Slovakia is due to announce its definitive stance only after official talks within the Coalition Council next week. Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko has characterised the potential offer of US aid as a kind of Trojan horse, as the aid could only be implemented "by concluding a special agreement that opens up the conditions for the presence of foreign troops." Pellegrini stated, however, that it would be foolish to turn down €105 million in aid if it doesn't involve "explicit consent to allow the militaries of foreign countries to roam freely here and there in our country without supervision."

Jonathan McCormick, Photo: TASR

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