Mobilisation campaign for EP elections launched


Mobilisation campaign for EP elections launched

09. 04. 2019 14:15

Around a hundred young people from across Slovakia, led by the "For a Decent Slovakia" initiative, set out on a journey to Brussels on Monday in order to stimulate interest among youth in the European Union by visiting the EU capital and participating in the final European Parliament (EP) session to take place in Brussels before the May EP elections. The campaign is focused on increasing awareness as to why the EU and membership in it are so important for Slovakia, and to point to opportunities for ordinary people to become active co-creators of the EU's public policies. "Lack of interest among young people in the EP was partly behind Slovakia's low voter turnout in EP elections in 2014, with only 6 percent of voters aged between 18-24 going to the polls," said Karolina Farska, one of the initiative's leaders. The EP elections will take place in Slovakia on Saturday, May 25. Voters here, including EU citizens who register to vote in Slovakia by April 15th, will elect 14 MEPs for a five-year term.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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