Maternity ward in Martin considered the best


Maternity ward in Martin considered the best

19. 07. 2018 14:33

The maternity ward of the University Hospital in Martin is considered to be the best in Slovakia according to survey among mothers, conducted by the Health Policy Institute. The maternity ward in Spišská Nová Ves hospital came second with Sanatorium Koch in Bratislava on the third place. Mothers and also experts responded to questions related to services, personnel, material and technical equipment. According to experts, the maternity ward of Faculty Hospital in Trenčín ranked the highest. They evaluated 53 maternity hospitals in Slovakia with almost 3000 mothers involved in the survey.

Women were most satisfied with the expertise of healthcare personnel (90.63 percent), permission to be accompanied by their loved ones (88.8 percent) and the ward equipment (88.7 percent). On the contrary, they were least satisfied with the initial first baby-mother contact in the first two hours after birth (53.67 percent), antenatal care (75.9 percent) and breastfeeding support (77.1 percent).

Ina Sečíková, Photo: TASR

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