Slovak start-up pioneers fully biodegradable fashion

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Slovak start-up pioneers fully biodegradable fashion

04. 04. 2017 15:34

Plastics thrown into landfills can take between three hundred to five hundred years to break down, with plastic waste fast becoming one of our biggest environmental disasters in the making. Yet, for some reason we seem powerless to stop it. Until now, that is, thanks to one creative Slovak start-up. By utilising new, Slovak-engineered biodegradable plastics, they're venturing down the path of responsible fashion with fully-biodegradable eyeglass frames. Gavin Shoebridge spoke to Vlasta Kubušová from Crafting Plastics to find out how the substance looks, how it breaks down, and what's coming soon.

Crafting Plastics - Biodegradable glasses
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Gavin Shoebridge, Photo: Gavin Shoebridge

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