Coming soon: self-driving cars

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Coming soon: self-driving cars

10. 04. 2017 16:54

Your next car could very well drive itself, but would you trust it to? Are self-driving cars currently as good (or bad) as human drivers? Not only that, would such vehicles rob drivers of the enjoyable sensation that is driving a vehicle? Twenty years ago these questions would have been the stuff of science-fiction, but today they're being discussed seriously, with self-driving cars in some form or another preparing to hit car dealerships soon.

Gavin Shoebridge spoke to Slovak robotics specialist and Oxford University graduate Dr Peter Ondrúška about his work with Nissan's first self-driving car in the United Kingdom, how far away self-driving cars are from hitting the market, and whether or not such vehicles will be able to handle Slovakia's roads.

Self driving cars coming soon
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Gavin Shoebridge, Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Norbert Aepli

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