Electric vehicle rentals booming in Bratislava

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Electric vehicle rentals booming in Bratislava

13. 11. 2017 16:43

It's only been operating for a few months, but already the Up! City electric vehicle rental service - the first of its kind in Slovakia - says business is booming. Tourists and locals have the option to rent battery powered bikes, scooters and vehicles for shopping or sightseeing, in Bratislava's historic Old Town.

But what if you want to drive beyond the city limits? What if you run out of electricity? And perhaps most importantly, how much does it cost? Gavin Shoebridge posed all these questions and many more to Denisa Chylová from Stará tržnica; one of the backers of the scheme.

UpCity Bratislava
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Gavin Shoebridge, Photo: Volkswagen

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