StableNextSol: creating the future of solar panels

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StableNextSol: creating the future of solar panels

17. 04. 2018 15:44

The European Union-funded StableNextSol research project is looking to create the photovoltaic (solar) panels of the future. Right across the EU, academic and industry researchers are studying the degradation mechanisms in Perovskite solar cells in an effort to find eco-friendly, high-efficiency solar panels which last well beyond 20 years. It's the holy grail of photovoltaic panels, and it's getting closer to reality. Gavin Shoebridge spoke to Dr. Mária Omastová at the Polymer Institute to check out the progress on this EU-backed COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology) project.

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Gavin Shoebridge, Photo: AP/TASR

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