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Mikuláš: a saint, a gift-giver and a town

Mikuláš: a saint, a gift-giver and a town 6. 12. 2017 | 16:57

On December 6th, well technically, on the eve before, Slovak kids shine their boots, leave them in the window and wait for St. Nicholas, or Mikuláš to come and fill them up with sweets and fruit (if th ...

Musical Crossroads: Wedding edition

Musical Crossroads: Wedding edition 1. 12. 2017 | 15:50

Radio Slovakia International wants to reflect on one of this week's hottest news items: the British royal family is getting ready for the wedding of Prince Harry and the actress Meghan Markle.

"One pivo, please!"

"One pivo, please!" 20. 10. 2017 | 11:10

In Germany, the month of October means it's time for "Oktoberfest"; a festival associated in particular with beer. However, Slovakia also has some interesting beer drinking, or perhaps even better, bee ...

Breeding the ideal Slovak sheep

Breeding the ideal Slovak sheep 28. 04. 2017 | 15:55

In the old farming traditions, 24 April "na Ďura" or St. George's day was the official beginning of the shepherding season. Flocks of sheep were taken to pastures and were to stay there until the end o ...

Slovak namedays: Jozef

Slovak namedays: Jozef 30. 03. 2017 | 16:06

Today, we will present you some more famous Jozefs, Jožos or Josephs in Slovakia on the occasion of their popular name day in our country - March 19.

Slovak classic: Popolvár vs Osmijanko

Slovak classic: Popolvár vs Osmijanko 6. 02. 2017 | 18:11

The definition of „classic" includes the words "fundamental, standard, unchanging, of enduring interest or worth remembering." Throughout the entire year of 2017, we will try to explore Slovak classics ...

Crazy about titles?

Crazy about titles? 20. 05. 2016 | 11:34

Are you a Mgr., Ing. or MUDr.? No idea what these are? Katarina and Gavin shed some light on academic titles and also talk about the alleged Slovak obsession with them.

Hipsterland Slovakia

Hipsterland Slovakia 2. 05. 2016 | 15:18

Gavin and Katarina talk long beards, cafes, restaurants and truly homemade food. Is this what Slovakia looks like nowadays?

Yeah! We got mentioned!

Yeah! We got mentioned! 28. 07. 2015 | 11:45

Are Slovaks proud of their country and of being Slovak? And why do we celebrate even the negative mentions of Slovakia? Join Katarína and Gavin in their debate.

Must taste “our own”

Must taste “our own” 21. 07. 2015 | 11:42

What are the three golden rules to follow when you are told, "You must taste our own"? Katarína and Gavin look at this peculiar topic in yet another part of the Soo Slovak series.

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