Články / So Slovak

A very painful Easter

A very painful Easter 9. 07. 2015 | 17:20

Katarína and Gavin try to get their heads around this striking, incomprehensible and painful Slovak custom.

Drive like a Slovak

Drive like a Slovak 30. 06. 2015 | 16:00

Think Italians or the French are the mad-drivers on European roads? How mad are Slovaks in cars?

My goat dies...

My goat dies... 8. 06. 2015 | 15:27

Why should all goats in Slovakia be on alert? In this part of the series Katarína and Gavin discuss a feature that is said to be typical for Slovaks - that involves death and goats. What? Press play to ...

Is it “you” or “You”?

Is it “you” or “You”? 8. 06. 2015 | 15:20

Katarína and Gavin discuss the complicated, Victorian like, addressing of one another in Slovak. Join them in their confusion by the casual "you" and the formal "You".

How are you?

How are you? 4. 06. 2015 | 12:26

Want to understand Slovaks better or even become Slovak?

Good Morning!

Good Morning! 4. 06. 2015 | 12:16

Gavin and Katarína talk about how using the phrase "Good Morning" can cause a smirk or a smile.

Can I offer you something?

Can I offer you something? 4. 06. 2015 | 12:15

How would you answer to this question if you're in Slovakia paying someone a visit? What do you say if you just ate?

Audio Lesson 8 – Months Of The Year

Audio Lesson 8 – Months Of The Year 13. 10. 2014 | 16:38

Months of the year in Slovak are fairly easy, sometimes even identical to English. But do you have the right pronunciation? Learn it with us!   Month - MESIAC     January - JANUÁR February - FEBRUÁR March  - MAREC April - APRÍL May - MÁJ June - JÚN July - JÚL August  - AU ...

Audio Lesson 9 – Parts Of The Body: The Face

Audio Lesson 9 – Parts Of The Body: The Face 13. 10. 2014 | 16:37

Can you tell where your UCHO or OKO is? This week we’re starting to learn parts of the body - in Slovak, starting with parts of the face.   Head - HLAVA Brain - MOZOG Face - TVÁR Forehead - Č ...

Video: Learn Slovak 10: Emergencies

Video: Learn Slovak 10: Emergencies 8. 10. 2014 | 15:44

Help! Danger! Fire! Wi-Fi! In video 10 we teach you Slovak words and phrases to help you in emergencies  Help - Pomoc     Help please! - Prosím pomoc! / Pomoc, prosím!    Please help me! – Prosím pomô ...

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