Mečiar’s amnesties: neither forgiven nor forgotten


Mečiar’s amnesties: neither forgiven nor forgotten

22. 03. 2017 19:08

You've heard the term "Mečiar's amnesties" a lot lately, but what are they? Not only that, why are so many Slovaks against them? In this special feature we simplify and explain these amnesties, and the acts they were pardoning, which have been making headlines in Slovakia both recently and two decades ago.

In 1998, Slovak Prime Minister Vladimír Mečiar, acting as an incumbent president, issued amnesties for the offenses committed in connection with the abduction of the president's son, Michal Kováč Jr.

Since the topic is very complex and controversial, Zuzana Botiková has put together a short radio guide to navigate you through the era of the 1990s in Slovakia; its main figures, and its atmosphere full of political tension, social insecurity, as well as unprecedented acts. In 2017, the topic of Mečiar's amnesties also has a distinctive legal aspect, with the general public as well as experts on constitutional law debating whether the controversial amnesties issued in the late 1990s could even be scrapped 20 years later.

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Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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