From Wilson City to Wilson Awards


From Wilson City to Wilson Awards

31. 10. 2018 14:28

"Wilson city is unique because there are four nations living together here: Hungarians and Germans make up two thirds of the inhabitants, then there are Jews as well as 8 percent of Slovaks. Different cultures deal with everyday problems in a similar way; they retreat to their demons. Because of the current complicated times, it seems there are quite a lot of demons hidden here,"reads an excerpt from the novel called the Last Crime in Wilson City by Michal Hvorecký. Its fictional plot actually takes place in not that fictional a setting. Did you know that for a few months after the end of World War I., Bratislava bore the name after the US president Woodrow Wilson?

Wilson City
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From the city named after Woodrow Wilson, which as you know did not remain the official name of Bratislava, we will now move to the legacy of this statesman that is still visible in the Central European context even today.

historical aspect
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Marking the 25th anniversary of mutual ties between the United States and Slovakia, US Ambassador to Slovakia Adam Sterling decorated selected individuals and institutions that contributed towards developing relations between the USA and Slovakia with the Woodrow Wilson Awards. According to Mr. Sterling, these past 25 years, as in fact also the past 100 years of mutual cooperation between these two countries can be described by courage and strive for freedom.

Courage to be free
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Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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