“We will never surrender!”


“We will never surrender!”

27. 03. 2019 15:18

On May 27th 1942 at 10.30 in the morning, Jozef Gabčík and Ján Kubiš put their plan into action - a plan to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, a high-ranking German Nazi official. Their plan was part of the Operation Anthropoid, organised by General František Moravec from the war exile in London. Many lives were lost due their act, but it also led to the intended result - the denunciation of the Munich Agreement of 1938 and the post-war restoration of Czechoslovakia. Today, we shall speak about the Slovak part of the Anthropoid duo, Jozef Gabčík.

Jozef Gabcik
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Moravec Gard Anita_Marta Majerčík.jpg

Anita Moravec Gard, the granddaughter of the author of Operation Anthropoid, visited Slovakia for the first time.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: Public Domain, RTVS, RSI

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