The Great Escape


The Great Escape

13. 06. 2019 12:50

80 years ago, a group of eight pilots decided to flee the pre-war fascist Slovak state and join the allied armies. On 7th June, 2019, the Czech Spitfire Club decided to recreate this "Great Escape" and fly an old aircraft from Piešťany to Demblin, Poland, thus honouring the eight men from the 64th Squadron, who fled from Piešťany airpase - Ľudevít Ivanič, Jozef Řehák, Ján Lazar, František Knotek, Karel Valach, Jozef Hrala, Jozef Kaňa and Imrich Gablech. Listen to this story of quite an unprecedented way to leave the country.

Great Escape
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This Antonov AN-2 aircraft is just about to re-enact the journey of eight pilots, who fled the facist Slovak state from the airbase in Piešťany.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: VHÚ, Zuzana Botiková

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