What will Slovaks wear at the Olympics?


What will Slovaks wear at the Olympics?

22. 11. 2017 15:51

With the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang approaching fast, the Slovak Olympic Committee presented on Monday the official apparel, which will distinguish the Slovak athletes from their foreign rivals. The sportswear's design works mainly with shades of grey, white and red. Moreover, it includes also the trademark folk pattern known from the decorated houses in Čičmany.

"It is very nice; moreover, I think that both boys and girls will look very good at the Olympics. I personally have a few items that I am really looking forward to wearing there. The hat and gloves with the Čičmany pattern are very elegant and sophisticated, and have in fact become a tradition already," admitts the hockey player Zuzana Tomčíková, who will be one of the two ambassadors of the Slovak team in South Korea. She will be on ambassador duty with the former biathlete and Olympic medal winner from Vancouver 2010, Pavol Hurajt.

"I might just be a former athlete, but I feel I can still help today's athletes. I have experiences from three winter Olympics. Nevertheless, each Games are different, unique. I want to be there on hand for the athletes, to motivate them, and to do all we can to bring at least one Olympic medal back home," adds Pavol Hurajt.

According to predictions, Slovakia should win at least one medal at the upcoming Winter Olympics. According to Anton Siekel, the Slovak Olympic Committee's president, most likely this medal will come from either alpine skiing or ice hockey. Since the nominations and qualifications are not closed yet, the number of Slovaks that will go to South Korea is not yet definite; nevertheless, the counts end at 54 athletes. Altogether, as many as thirty thousand athletes from over 90 countries should compete at the PyeongChang Olympics, in a record number of 102 disciplines. The Olympics start on February 9, 2018.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: SITA

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