From the Dawn Wall to Slovakia


From the Dawn Wall to Slovakia

03. 04. 2019 11:02

Last weekend, the jubilee 20th edition of Hory a mesto film festival on mountaineering and outdoor adventure took place in Bratislava. One of the personalities that appeared on the festival's guest list was the star American climber, known for defeating the hardest free climb in the world, Tommy Caldwell. His movie the Dawn Wall, together with the Oscar-winning movie Free Solo and the Slovak movie Summit Attraction, were awarded the prizes for best movies at the film festival. The expert jury highlighted that the selected movies represent the dedication, achievements and inner struggles of the world's best climbers on the world's greatest rocks. We spoke about this dedication with Tommy Caldwell himself.

Tommy Caldwell
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Zuzana Botiková, Photo:, Zuzana Botiková

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