Poll: Support for Most-Hid, SNS, SaS and KDH Rising Since Election

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Poll: Support for Most-Hid, SNS, SaS and KDH Rising Since Election

17. 02. 2017 14:57

Had a general election been held in December 2016 or January of this year, the social democrat Smer-SD party which is the major force of the current governing coalition would have received 25 percent of the votes, followed by the Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party on 15 percent and the Slovak National Party (SNS) on 11 percent, according to a survey done by Median SK agency. As many as 10.5 percent of people would have voted for OLaNO-NOVA and 8 percent for the the far-right Our Slovakia- LSNS party. Next came Most-Hid on 7.5 percent, the Christian Democrats (KDH) on 7 percent and 'We Are Family' on 5.5 percent. The ethnic-Hungarian SMK party would have failed to clear the 5-percent threshold needed to win seats in the House, as it would have received votes from 4 percent of people. Approximately 2 percent of people would have voted for the Siet party.

A total of 53.5 percent of people would have turned up for the vote. It turns out that over the ten months since the general election in March 2016, support for the coalition parties Slovak National Party and Most-Hid has increased, with 8.6 percent and 6.5 percent of votes in the election respectively. Meanwhile, public backing for the governing Smer party has waned somewhat, as the party was voted for by 28.3 percent of people in March. "When it comes to the Opposition parties, an upward trend has been observed for the liberals, which received 12.1 percent of votes in the election last year," according to Median SK. Meanwhile, Siet took the steepest tumble in the polls, having been voted for by 5.6 percent of people in the election last March. The Christian Democrats, which didn't make it into Parliament with its 4.9 percent of votes, has seen rising public support. "This may partly be attributed to changes in the composition of its presidium," said Median SK.
A total of 52.5 percent of voters are certain about their choice of political party. Ethnic Hungarian voters stand out in particular, as 70.7 percent have no doubts as to who to vote for. Meanwhile, Smer continues to hold the biggest 'election potential', as it could secure 30.5 percent of the votes in the ideal scenario - that is, if it were endorsed by all the people who seriously consider voting for the party and, at the same time, don't rule out going to the polls. SaS's election potential is also high, having been calculated in this manner at 24.5 percent.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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