Education Ministry unveils education reform

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Education Ministry unveils education reform

16. 03. 2017 14:29

The Ministry of Education, Research, Science and Sports unveiled its education reform on Wednesday, which is due to guide state reform in education and upbringing for the next decade. The document, which deals with changes in pre-school education, teachers' work, regional and university education, will be the subject of discussions for the next six weeks. It is then slated to be submitted to the Government and Parliament. Education Minister Peter Plavčan (an SNS nominee) wants to include both the community of experts as well as the public in discussions on the reform.

As one of the architects of the reform, Milan Ftáčnik explained to TASR that the reform aims to usher in the individualisation of education with an eye towards developing in each child his or her best potential, as well as changes to the student evaluation system, a streamlined preparation for future teachers, the introduction of teacher assistants to free up teachers from tasks not directly related to teaching and the new accreditation of universities. In reaction to the added individualization of learning, some teachers think that this would bring big differences to the education patterns in Slovakia.

The authors of the reform also expect the Government to meet its obligations arising from the Manifesto, in which it committed to bringing Slovakia to the level of the European average in terms of education financing by 2020. "Without an increased volume of financial resources, the targets proposed in the programme are unattainable," added Ftáčnik.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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